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1. Brainbow

What colour is equality? Blue as your vicious eyes; Glowing traitorous promises; But not after I poke them out; What colour is your friendship? Black as your rigid heart; Black as the hate inside me; ...

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2. Expired

How come you keep on; Living in conditions; Not suitable for you; Addicted to passions; Increasing the value; Of life just for you; What's your excuse; For useless existence; Just degenerating; Nobody...

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3. I Hate Everything

I hate everything; I hate incompetence, certain breeds, Absence of death penalty; I hate everything; I hate ignorance, hypocrisy, Unnecessary civil laws; I hate everything; I hate ambassadors, regulat...

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4. Rebellion Against Thee

Wastelands of demons, Foggy landscapes, Smell the darkness. No light dwells here; And never shall again. Harmony is vanquished. Triumph of Chaos! Triumph Of Chaos! Chants of Blasphemy; Forever I shall...

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5. The Summoning

Let the crypt be opened again; Let the realm of the ancients come; Summoning fury and chaos; Summoning the hidden darkness; Ritual to reveal secrets; Ritual of eternal wisdom; Through torture eyes sha...

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6. Virus: Human

Hecatomb, extermination, cut to pieces, blood runs hot. Depredate, asphyxiation, grind to powder, piles of rot. ; Total maiming, abomination, decompose, fast onslaught. Genocide, tear to shreds, vapor...

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