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1. Cranial Scum

Punish my way of life; Cranial scum consuming me... Anguish-doubts; Carried away by strong fellings; Beating me... I had no choice; Anguish-doubts; With morphology of a beast; Sadistic hateful scum; R...

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2. Eating Your Mind

Why? Can't you realize? The truth is shown to your eyes; Can't watch beyond that wall; There's somethings inside you cannot speak; Hate and tears from beyond; Visions of nightmare; See no tomorrow; Lo...

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3. Envolved State

After the cataclism life as we know arose from a fortuitous turn; At some point something happened yet unable to describe it; Symbolical and complex bizarre events took place millions of years ago; Co...

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4. Living The Fear

I am the hunter and not the prey; I am thoughts without words; Persecutor fear; The nightmare gets worse; Living the fear; A mass hysteria reveals before me; The end comes closer... Living the fear; B...

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5. Mummified

He has wandered through centuries; Pursuing his inquisitor; Blindfolded with his anger; Blindfolded without dying; His death has now started; Suffocated by the bandages; Tearing the skin; Cutting to t...

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6. Not Supposed To Exist

Not supposed; To exist; As we search into the origins of our existence; Weird events appear confusing us; Grotesque scenes; A primitive humanoid abducted by unearthly entities; A blend between our pri...

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7. Repressed Brutality

Only pain puried my blames being witness of the confrontation between hatred and reason... Repressed brutality; My hate for them even destroys my tranquility; As an orgasm without end that innoculates...

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8. Touch Of Death

The birth of life; An incounscious pact between body and soul; The awake that we all have taken; Unexpected perturbation; No life after death; In the sublime world no possible way out; Condemned by ti...

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9. Zero Probability

A step needed to be taken [x2]; In order to operate the engine of natural selection; Matters of choose or be chosen [x2]; Issues of survival at play; Asure inheritance by transmiting genetical code; F...

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