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1. Crossfire

NightWolf - CrossFire; There’s no time to waste, in the screams of children’s; Fight for a chance, fight till the death; Crossfire…; Look the world that you live; You’ll die as you lived; Why we can’t...

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2. I Cannot See

The sun is gone, the day is gone; I lost my soul, in this world; Fight for your life, if you don’t wanna die; I know it’s all wrong, but we still have to fight; While the angels and devils fight to li...

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3. Losin' Me

Time moves on, that’s the only way; I live on hope to see the next day; Things are so hard, sometimes I need to escape; I wanna live my life by my way; I’m lost and alone, felling so cold; Don’t ever ...

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4. Slaves Of Themselves

Look your face in the mirror, tell me what you see is what you want; Look at out by the window, that is the life you want to live; I don’t wanna live chained, I don’t wanna craw; I will not obey you, ...

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5. That I'm Alone

Things never changed my mind; The darkness left behind; Go to the show again, rock is freedom stain; I am not have money, I am just running; I need win, that is my dream; Nowhere to hide, you got to s...

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6. Trace Of My Hate

Today I will release me, I will have no limit; I will drag my hate so far I can; I will not fell sorry, will lose my memories; I will leave this world to no turn back, No turning back; Trace of my hat...

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