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1. Blankness

The prose of exsistance induces; To think over and to feel emotion; Everything is somehow; Odd and strange different from before; Now you can hear the roaring wind; The screaming vanity; You can see t...

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2. Sleeping Out Of Time

When one life pass away; Perish and one dream; Remaining without brightness and name; Which flame always be smoulder; In my soul and my heart; To build my illusions; In the other; Dimension

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3. The Promise

Like one everflying soul; One bird fly between; Clouds and stare; One soul is dreaming for your destiny; With eyes full of tears; Promise me that you never come down; And you´ll follow your destiny

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4. Unfounded Dreamland

There are so many names; Of my own me maybe; I want to save it; Or my heart; My longing; Where seems the moon is falling; Staying behind the curtains; From clouds of long ago; Begun time; This is the ...

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