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1. Across The Sky

Now fast we ride, to the evil kingdom of desire; We're striding cross the lands; Riding hard through clouds of never ending rain; Crossing dead wastelands; Fighting evil thoughts of hate we're riding ...

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2. Curse and Damnation

Darkness surround me they say I'm the night; Curse and damnation my allies, not light; Once I was honoured, respected, a man; Once I knew sunlight, the warmth of God's hand; Feed always feed; I will s...

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3. Haunted Hill

Far away beyond the gates; The castle hall, the wailing wall; Eyes are everywhere I turn; Yet no one's there, no one's there; One night at haunted hill; A scream; A life has reach it's end (in sin); W...

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4. Higher Than Life

Hey you fool, i'm talking to you; Come listen what i have to say; Your life I see, please listen to me; Cause I know the way to be free; Come hear my story; A world of its own; You will feel like star...

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5. Home

Many years we've been gone; Sailed so far over the seas; Many years we were lost; Lost beyond eternity; We head out on a search for truth; To find out life's great mysteries; We left our homes in the ...

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6. Merlin

Magic hand and many secret spells; The gnome Frik try always to teach him the secret art; Of spells laid by your own mind; But Merlin will not proceed to the third grade; All he wants to do is live hi...

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7. Rage Divine

Fear is all around the field; Will the gods be on our side; I can't believe they stole; Our talisman of life; What will happen to us now; We must fight and release our rage divine; On the battlefield ...

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8. Symphony Of The Night

Hear the sounds, like whispers of wind; A song build with wings, that angels will sing; A song for the night; But strangely it's bright; When all light is gone, night will come; In the arms of a new f...

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9. The Serpent King

Passing through these ancient tombs; Darkest dreams and shadows womb; The serpent's evil nest's within my mind; The terror of my dreams forebodes; Something here will rise once more; The serpents shad...

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