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1. Bury The Messenger

And the chorus swells. Congratulations motherfucker on that bullshit novel of yours. And that performance taking stakes in your feet and hands. Am I the lesser man? These knees bend for no one. My god...

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2. Destroy The Stairs

Engines are turning with nothing to run them. But the going gets tougher as the years roll on. Remember way back when? We need something new. Something better. Not broken and fixed. We are the medicat...

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3. Eternal Tempest

When we fly, we can’t fall bitter, the devastation haunts me and you. You all dropped dead in place. In place you rise. The ones who speak, fight me off. I am mute. Convinced are those who hear me spe...

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4. Ghost Town Rituals

And when I open my eyes I see the end of an ending life I’ve forgotten how to live. I keep forgetting, I keep rebuilding. This is when I say I’m done. I haven’t learned. No one will show me, so I go o...

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5. Head Of Medusa

Replay murdered history in front of me. They can only see me as a child. I haven’t been there in years. Home is so far from me now that these hands hold me under. I’m disappearing into the walls that ...

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6. Let The Waters Overtake Us

Wait up for me, I’ve been running forever. My heart has been beating too slow to catch up with my feet. So this is what it’s like to be alone. I never thought I’d end up like this. And for the first t...

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7. Memento Mori

Bandage, our broken bodies, on these tightropes we’re walking. I don’t ever think we can make it across this open sky alone. My fingertips are frozen until the point of forgetting where I’m from. But ...

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8. Scavenger's Daughter

This is the director’s cut. The version where the rest of us don’t get left out. For what it’s worth, I’ve always cared, just never wanted it show it. We’ve always wanted more but now it’s time to tak...

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9. Storming Valhalla

With each step I can feel the ground shake as if we were to die this very instant. We bleed like running water. We are alone in this. You’re dead to me. Welcome home in a bodybag. You have no morals l...

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10. Symphony For The Plague

When will we notice, the faces we see everyday? The ones that matter most are the ones that I will see pass before me when I go. I can’t but help to wish we’d all be stuck here and never grow, never l...

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11. We Were Meant For Ruin

I’m open arms and ready for the end. Sell me to the sea and let me be one with the wind. Such a glorious apocalypse. Our thrones have burned to the ground. We have ruined a life worth living. We have ...

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