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1. Dark Fairy

Dreams light up the mood in your mind; Bring hope in the days that you cry; Creating the chances to rise up; Love the ultimate power of light; The only thing that's worth to fight; Bringer of peace an...

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2. Dark Side Of Love

I remember the day that we first met; Your lovely face I won't forget; And vigilance thinking of you; Should I run or should I try; Or ever regret until I die; Being in love makes insecure; Magnetic t...

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3. Everlasting Love

Summer night staring in your eyes; Hold me tight don't let me ask twice; You know I am crazy about you my love; In your arms I feel heath in my body; Incitement words I'm getting naughty; Surrender an...

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4. For Queen and Metal

Walking streets staring around; Searching for souls who share your thoghts; A heart of steel on the beat of the sound; That's in your mind; A doorway to unleash your energy; Loathed by incomprehension...

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5. Judgement Day

Put on your tv, the're is something going on; It's something that the prophets knew for long; And all the gouvernements didn't realize; Mother nature and all species pay the price; Crying women and he...

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6. Lady Fantasy

I try to sleep at night after a day of toil with no time for myself; The only rest I have, is when I go to bed to catch a dream; I imagine a world that's worth to live in; No pollution no war only lov...

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7. Majesty

There once was land beyond the clouds, Far from cruel reality; Populate by all actors of fantasy, Immortal life by the legends and tales; Hapiness is their way of living; Bringing joy to the rich and ...

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8. Nightfall In Wonderland

Night, Lost in the forest to dark to see; Mysterial noises in front of me; Hide away someone is coming my way; There is no getaway my legs refuse to run; There's someone who wants me to stay; A white ...

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9. Nocturnal Thoughts

Staring into the fire, Far away from you, I prepare for another lonely night; Woh no no no, my naughty intentions fortify; Climbing the stairs to my room; And in a mood of passion; I close my eyes to ...

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10. Queen Of The Night

There's nothing that seems the same at night; See the light of the full moon shining bright; My mind is clear and I have no fear; I hear a thunder roaring in my brain; I feel the magic smashing throug...

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11. Rebel To Rebel

I'm starting the engine, my motorcycle is my life; I'm gliding the highway, leaving bad society behind; Believing in myself, I'm writing my own book of life; I'm a survivor, no puppet on a string; Hon...

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12. Screaming For Mercy

Apalling howling in the night; A creature not knowing what's wrong or right; Sad memories of the man he was before he sold his soul; The devil now commands him; A soul in evil hands; Vigour feelings, ...

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13. Secret Of The Blind Man

He's walking in eternal darkness, his eyes as cold as ice, indiffrent; Strumbling along the streets, he's groping his way with his mace; Reflections of his very past life, only he can explain his stor...

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