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1. End Of The Evening

At the end of the evening as the sun is going down; And all the wee songbirds are making their last sounds; It's then I'm thinking of you, I close my eyes and see; I long for the moment when you'll re...

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2. Heartwood

Starwood, heartwood, timbers of old; Singing the embers that keep us from cold; Songs of our fireside, faces aglow; Lighting the darkness of our earth below; Littlewood, roundwood, new wood so bold; R...

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3. Shadow Of Time

I see a strange man; Running silently; He never looks behind him; He has no time to see; He makes no sound, he has no voice; The ground he doesn't feel; But he's always on the run; And I wonder if he'...

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4. The Rose Of Tralee

The pale moon was rising; Above the green mountain;; The sun was declining; Beneath the blue sea; When i strayed with my love; To the pure crystal fountain; That stands in the beautiful; Vale of trale...

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5. Water Falls

Water falls and its colors glow; In a river of light it begins to grow; Takes your mind from the things you see; It moves with the spirit that moves in me; And water's free because it's found; Where p...

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