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1. 70s 80s

Thatcher was in power; Times were tight and sour; The letter a was sprayed in a circle everywhere; And everybody's head was gettin' shaved or spiked; My sister stitched her flares; And made 'em into d...

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2. Give Thx

Ah ohh; Thank you father for all the love you give; Guide me gently when my light falls dim; Thank you mother; Powers from within; Through each day all the thanks that I'm giving; Thank you father for...

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3. Keep On (86'n It Mix)

We just keep on rockin' (7x); 86'in it; We was 5 bricks in it; Firm like a silicon tit in it; Had the sticks and the 40's all thick in it; Workin hard like we cotton-pickin it; Now we shittin it; Herb...

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