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1. A Fancy Story

One night I'm going to her window; And bring with me three colors of the rainbow; And tell her all, all those stories, Or just a fancy story, a fancy story; I can define your beautiful lips; And never...

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2. All This

I had a dream before, a dream that I hadn't dreamt for long; Sometimes I felt down; Things were thrown up; And we are here again; Let me dream on; Yes, it's real; Yes, it's real; And I will be there; ...

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3. Be Over

We should be on your way to the sun. My mind seems to be numb; I planned everything to you, dear Anne. ; Suddenly all things let us so confuse. Words that never used. I previewed worse things were gon...

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4. Blown By The Wind

When you see me walking down the street; I can feel your breath and your heart beats; I can't imagine anything that's really better; Can we really roll together or just meet? ; Moving down among crowd...

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5. Dancing On The Lake

She said "I don't believe that I'm dancing with you"; I seem to fly wearing crystal shoes. Everybody has a dream to do this with you; I don't know why; Maybe 'cause you are so famous and so kind; I ha...

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6. Everybody Has Been Learned

As a last wave; Hands never teach to thank; So thank you for all the blessings upon me. ; As a last look; Eyes never stopped crying; They only cry when the heart doesn't lie; I have this body that nev...

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7. Fly Away

The last jump; And no one can help her; To live this world; They never fight with you; Let her go away; Has she asked something wrong? Now I am living here; I don't know how she leaves; So let her fly...

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8. Lost My Soul

I've been waiting for you a long time. Come faster you can or I'll change my mind. I guess another way to we spend our days; I need money and I'm so so tired. I feel your hands, your cold touch; You l...

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9. Stay More Time

You make me to think too wrong. And I had to decide; Maybe I stay more time to know what I'm defying; Simply you get up; And I had to describe; What I want, what I really want that you stay by my side...

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10. The Passion

When we're together; Emotion is always so deep; Behind the scene; I don't know what happens to me … oh; I feel the passion; My heart bursts and I can't stand that life; Not for depression, I still see...

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