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1. Canonized Hate

Lost all faith; In what I wanted this to evolve; Blessed by the holy ones; I'm condemned for eternity; Canonized is my hate; To the heavens god; Elders! wanting to beatify; Her soul while my murkiness...

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2. Devil Queen Vehemency

Devil queen I must be enthralled; By your black magic that rules my body; Commands greatness, I thirst your percolating blood; Like if every poem I wrote was redirected to you; Same place, same time; ...

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3. Ecclesiastic Termination

I was standing matchless; All I felt, all I left; Was the agonized youth; Of your defiled dreams; And when the silence insists; My mouth dries out; I convey the myth; Of your first enemy; Pretending I...

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4. Emanation Of Your Umbra

Singing aloneness while the choir listens; With my rotten voice broken because of you; Feeling like I'm trapped in an abbey; Inside these monastery walls my voice loses loudness; The emanation of your...

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5. Embryonic Vague Feeling

Always at night but not everyday; I can smell an embryonic vague feeling; About what I left behind; In the land of slaves; Fear, redemption, Agony and misery; 4 words represented; A fallen shameful ki...

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6. Ignited Dreams

Abandoned by my own self; Left alone in this inscrutable quagmire; When all the peons eminent; I must acknowledge decease; And when the time comes; Attempt once more; And withdraw; Forever in lastingn...

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7. Into The Path Of Ignorance

The path of ignorance passes beside me; In the middle of it a big cross shines; Identifying, even more their ineptitude; As I pass them, all their eyes are on me; Gossiping, pretending their supremacy...

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8. Merchant Of Blood

Walking alone in this dark road, no fear; With waves of your distraction, my doom; Bringing alone the deception of ourselves; And together nothing more will dilapidate; No more of their glory; No more...

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9. My Mortality

Life itself has taught me; That I am more than what I reflect; Life itself has showed me; That trust has died along with the self; I carry myself and no one else; But why? Why must it be? Can't I conf...

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10. New Flesh

Vital Existence is what I represent; Expanding each word I learnt; Sometimes the blood misses the priest; The one that betrayed me for a cross; Souls appeared like nothing; Spinning around my aura; Th...

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11. Stigmatizing Disgrace

At this instance all the subsistence shivers; Since I'm made and simmering with blood; Precipices all around, relinquishing the glory; Sucking the taste and enjoying the remnant; Confined within eviln...

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12. The Grimmest Emotion Of All

How misdirected can I be? Have I failed you in any way? Don’t want you anymore; My love is greater, I’m greater, I shall not need you; The grimmest emotion of all, ill always fail since I’m mortal; Be...

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13. Thralled Servants

Your sweet eyes; Crying blood; Your sweet lies; Bearing doom; No more; No more; Jesus vassal; Jesus vassal; I am the only savior; Join me and be thralled; Behold, lord, your eternity; Has always been ...

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