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1. Can't Write A Love Song

I can't write a love song; Can't show you peace; Bastard son, lived on the run; Turned his heart to stone; Now like a blazing gun a voew undone; Sparing no one in its way; No ground was left sacred; N...

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2. Ecstasy

Roar of the beast I wield; Temps the madness in me; Cloud of smoke, here I go; Have to be where the lightning strikes; Anything else ain't called a life; Speed thrill blazes me on high; Faster - More ...

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3. Heart Of Battle

Now that we are one; Now its time to kill; These axes sharpened on bone; A prophecy to be fullfilled; We are off to war, yeah! Our will blood will spill; From atop the hills, we crawl; Into the night;...

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4. Metal Storm

So I drove on that road trying to hear myself; Something weird in the air as I flashed through the miles; All at once like a ton of bricks the sound came crashing down; On the top of destruction four ...

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5. Mile Of Skulls

Here I stand above the corpses I have fought; A memory of defiance to all of those I've faced; So many did I kill so many see it now; This path I chose yesterday knows no turning back; They will fall;...

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6. Summit Of Thunder

Lightning did charge us with life; Descendants of the kings we are; Hell forged our steel; This summit is our seat; Silence to the false when we speak; Silence pride is our speech; To this world now m...

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7. The Law

Believe the rumors and what they say; you know we'll rip your face in every single way; No time for job no time to listen; We'll make it our day and now you'll listen; Living hard, beating the rain; C...

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8. Where We Come From

Wait up dude don't turn your back; Just wait for me to pick up my guns; Spare the talk Im just fifteen; I wanna blow some heads I wanna be mean; yeah; Turn off your lights and step on it; Some bastard...

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