Night Terrors Of 1927

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1. Always Take You Back

Your warpaint's running, the engine's humming; Steam from exhaust, I see sidewalk; Winter was bitter, locked up together; In the eye of the storm, it kept us warm; I'll always, always take you back (a...

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2. Dust and bones

Oh my darling, we are fallin'; Stuck at the crossroads, skull and cross bones; Sinking down now, down to the bottom; All in the same boat, where only God knows; Everyone around us; Holds on to the pro...

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3. Fall into you

It heat up, it rattles; In winter, in battles; The ice laws, the shadows; Brought you a present; A cursing, a blessing; A brand new obsession; Another rule of truth; There is so much to say; So much I...

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4. Never One To complain

She was never one to complain; She felt it from the beginning; Daddy wasn't ready, for his world to come on down; But my mama let me, into this world and one; She was never one to complain; Loost; Tas...

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5. When You Were Mine

Maybe you got soft; Flow out the door on the breeze; Maybe you just got lost; On the way back home to me; Maybe we' re just pretending; And maybe I don't mind; So now that its ending; I don't wanna kn...

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6. Young and Vicious

I saw the fakes, the forgeries; the verdicts, the guilty please; Erase the names, wrote in our own, shining, new history; I was there kid, I was a witness; I saw what you did, I saw what you did; Can'...

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