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1. Arecibo Message

Cast out to cold, My feelings betray integrity with heartbeats; Bring solace, break commandment, breath conscience.. ; Im running out of bottles, running out of corks. If I could send it all over, the...

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2. City Of Angles

All I can speak; Is I meant every word I said; Didn't say every word I meant. ; One fixed gaze has paved the way; To new lands we're sure to go; The sea under feet, but theres breeze under wings; So f...

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3. Heed Sirens Speech

Rest is lost a comodity so forget sleep; I'm hearing the sirens speech; Try your best to translate the whisper; Decode in perfect prose, as the listener; Pushing the second hand back; Pray our minds s...

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4. Mr. Grey

How you poison the mind of little red riding; A man built on sand, living on lying; When you fill strangers with gloat and boast, My name must never leave your throat; This is the end and how it looks...

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5. Mute Planet

Kill the lights, the stars have been torn from the ceiling; Ripped clean from the sheets onto eyes beneath. ; Mobius path from celestial grasp; We know that we could know no more. Still - their songs ...

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6. Twelve Thousand Hours

If she's a siren I will block her strategies until she's lost; Angles exposed, don't follow your ghost; Intelligent animal pycho kill; My paitence outlast pleasure; I'm not a guy to beat a man; Femini...

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7. Via The Brink

Via the speech; Via belief; Via adventure adventing retreat; We are the hands that fashion the sails; For doldrum or gail; All attention now while currents pound the wooden keel; Endless lake with bea...

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8. When The World Falls Apart

I'll send me on my own, could I be demented? Charge in company, I'm cold to surrender; I'll send me on my, own I'm a competent killer; Turn in your nomination for a robotic killer; I'm not perniciousl...

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