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1. Blindfolded

(blind-blindfolded, blind-blindfolded); (blind-blindfolded, blind-blindfolded); I will go, I will go, I will go insane; If you never fight back when I complain; Do you mind, do you mind stepping up yo...

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2. Dot

I never signed up for no love triangle; I won't be home when you're robbing cradles; Why oh, why oh, why oh, why oh; Why you gotta try? I oh, I oh, I oh, I oh; Drawing out the line; Boy you bet I coul...

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3. No Tears For Free

Said you'd never make me feel like that again; Guess that your obsession's, never gonna end; Why on Earth you mess me up? I'll never know; I will not be your stepping stone; I'm better than all of tha...

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4. On Rewind

Play back, wish that we could play back; Moments we were laidback; I used to call you home; Patience, wish we had more patience; Sticky situations; I want to call you home; Whether, whether we go wron...

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5. Secret

Red lips, sidestep; Back in my room; And I know we ain't done yet; Place bets; How long we cruise [?]; But we do it so casually; So there are no casualties; But I know that we're actually; Finding out...

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6. Tremble

Caught up in your turbulence; Gasping for your air and we flow; Careless with our chemicals; Away from all our fears, yeah, we grow; And I, and I tremble, yeah; And I, and I tremble with you, with you...

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