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1. Alice

They see me as this pale person; They must not think I have much to say; But Im so much more like them; Than they could ever realize; Cuz I am a girly girl; A party planner with streamers and balloons...

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2. Bella

I wait for you; At the window; As the moon lights up; The diamond night sky; And I cant wait for you to come tonight; Three oclock, you jump in; With your sparkling golden eyes; They make me melt insi...

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3. Edward

You are so immaculate, I cannot look away; And I don't care if I have to stay; Frozen in time to be with you; Your cold touch is not what causes me to shiver; You are unbelievably unbearable to me; Ch...

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4. Emmett

You laugh, you joke, you play your game; Sometimes driving everyone insane; But no one can resist you, youre just too comical and strong; So lets make the bets and see what happens; Drink up what you ...

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5. Jasper

I remember the wars; Black eyes like coal; All I can think of is the pain; And what I did when it overcame me; Tell me when does it end for me; Tell me when does this haunting soul let go of me; I don...

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6. Rosalie

I wish you could see the timely future you have; And my heart is frozen in this state forever; I love him but I wish for something more; I want this metallic taste to disappear; I want to live; And yo...

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