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1. Don't Wake Me Up

I've lost my mind 'bout a thousand times; I needed some form of control; Now I'm at peace with myself inside; But surely the pleasure takes its toll; I wouldn't expect you to understand; I live in a w...

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2. Hate Me

You cut my breaks; Then kiss on my face; So where are you coming from? Can't read the signs; So I draw the line then; You go and bend it some; The moment everything is dead; Your words they bring me b...

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3. Nothing Ever Changes

I woke up in a modern world; And there's nothing I can do; While I read the latest, from the breaking; Story on the news; People swear they say it's fake; And look up to our leader; As he speaks from ...

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4. One Thing

I don't wanna hear it cuz I've heard it all before; Your boyfriend is a loser and he fucked another whore; I put you back together even though you never want me; You only want one thing; You only want...

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5. Set Me Free

Laying in my bed; All alone with my thoughts; Chills down my neck; Face getting hot; Bout to cop a sweat; If I like it or not; Guess I'm in denial; Try so hard just to kid myself; But I'm too weak to ...

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