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1. Backfire

I fall in love a couple times a day; With a couple different boys, in a couple different ways; You thought your daddy taught you everything you needed, but he's never met a girl like me; Well, be care...

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2. Forget Me Not

I'm the type of heart that doesn't bleed; The type of girl you pray you'll never meet; You'll remember this December; cause here's what you'll see; I'm the one who gets to love and leave; You had it c...

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3. Good Kind Of Evil

He broke the ice with fire in his eyes; Under his spell I've lingered; And though I've tried, I couldn't escape him; Rapped around his scaly fingers; You make sin look so good, I'm no angel; So kiss m...

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4. Here Comes Vi

She's such a misfit, always ready to brawl, It's like her business, roughing up your friends as the law, ; There is no difference, if you believe you're strong, She is a bulldozer, making sure you're ...

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5. Mayday

Haunted by a past that you remember all too well; Never stood a chance, but you could've asked for help; Powerless against a force that never gets its fill; I promised I would save you but I don't kno...

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6. Monster

In my eyes; Secrets hide I'll never tell; Seems like I'm running and acting; like someone else; Don't count on me, I'll always let you down; I'll break you, I'll make you hurt; Because i Can; I'll fak...

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7. Worlds Collide

Do we fight to hold our heads up high, And beat the drum to what we love? Risk the fall, oh we have felt it all, come crashing down from far above. ; Stars arising, countless worlds colliding, only on...

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