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1. I Don't Care

I don't care. ; [verse]; I'm so tired of making it; right for everybody else. (else); i'm just gonna make it right for me and; myself. (self); I've given you my best, (best); with nothing in return. A...

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2. Insecure

[verse]; She is the mean girl, he is the rich kid, they are the in; crowd, but into themselves. They eat their own hype, think they're all; right, spit it out like venomous lies. ; [pre-chorus]; They ...

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3. Miss You

I start a sentence, you finish it. I had a thought, you already; knew it. Now that we're not together, I'm going crazy in my mind. (crazy in; my mind); Cause a love like your's is so hard to find. ; W...

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