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1. Can't Lose Control

I'm relaxed in a daze; Cause I know you wanna catch me without my clothes; You’re watchin' me, im seeing you; If i blink than I know I’ll lose control; By the way that I feel with you; Makes if hard t...

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2. I'm That Girl

Yea boy; You like that; Mm what; Lights, camera, action; Sneak a peak I’m the new satisfaction; Bustin moves like Janet Jackson; Jumpin, bumpin deep inside your soul; Daddy; Why you dance so dirty? By...

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3. Let's Go

Let's go; Let's go; Where you at baby; Where you at baby; Where you at; 1-2 check thats right; Now it's time to freak it tight; DJ give me the mic; Oh boy you're heard the funk; Now it's time to get i...

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4. Living Fantasy

You're the only one for me; You're my living fantasy; You brighten up my day; Yet the wind won't blow this way; I wish you only knew; How good a girl could be to you; My heart wants to scream and shou...

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