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1. Back From Exile

Let me tell you the story of a man; In New Orleans where his troubles began; If you've ever lost a love, then you might understand; But never count your chips, son, until the last hand; When the fever...

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2. Brandy Of The Damned

Don’t let them get you down; They’ll step on you to get to higher ground; All my life I been a working man; I been working for the man; In this life you only get one chance; Music is the brandy of the...

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3. Intro(every Time)

Every time; Every time; Everywhere you look these days; There're robots in disguise; Automata, no anima; The new age has arrived; Your neighbor is afraid; And now you're scared to be too nice; If you ...

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4. Providence, Ri

Providence is mine; And I’m going back to Rhode Island; Where no one can find me; And I will be high; The spirit's still alive; You can hear them in the night; I’ll make a fire; With the wood from my ...

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