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1. Heartless Hooligan

I know why you would kill the pleasure; But I never, never; Understood the way you changed inside; The mix of facts and fiction; And I wonder, wonder if you really wanna hide out; Heartless hooligan s...

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2. Out Of Line

Stand up straight my fellow sisters; Brothers to be counting; Sick of the lessons to be learned; The voices in my head; Raise above it all telling me to get up; Out of line for a left time; In the eye...

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3. Revolution

Fake, I've got nothing to say; Not a whisper, nothing less; Nothing more, you are next on my door; Listen up you're standing in my way; Fake, you're not turning me on; Not a sparkle, nothing is said; ...

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4. Ruins Of a Riot

It's sad and I agree; I'm one of a kind; A stupid figure flee; Right into the wild; I needed you a million times; Someone tell me why; I'm losing all I knew; I don't love you; Now look around you; The...

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