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1. Dear June

hey june, words cannot describe how much i miss you; from our little walks; to our little talks; im a little shocked; and i need to dock; these feelings that i hold inside; dear june, its been awhile;...

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2. Extra, Extra

Oh I can't believe my eyes. I'm at a loss of words to say. I'm getting butterflys. My mind's running out of place. I can wait for you, if you want me to. wheres the tylenol, to cure this flu; No jk, j...

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3. For You

It's hard to see you when your shrouded by smoke, When I'm at the country fair, With the night time sky, Blowing through your hair. I'm trying and I'm trying to keep my composure, But I better hurry u...

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4. Get Up

Get up, get up, and take my hand; girl, hurry up and take this chance. Your feeling, I'm feeling, we're feeling each other grow. There's not a moment to waste, so jump in the car, so we can go anywher...

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5. Go On Girl

I can't get her back, But I don't want her back, I realized that, She don't know how to act. ; Never been a dumb dude, No, I'm not dense, I just had a slight lack of common sense. ; I was the good guy...

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6. How To Fly

I'll teach you how to fly, With the clouds way up high. I'll teach you how to fly, As long as you're by my side. ; [CHORUS]; I'll teach you how to fly, Just put your hands in mine. I'll teach you how ...

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7. Imperfect

too bad band-aids, can't mend an imperfect heart. too bad a bridge can't reach, because were too far apart. those two letters hurt me more than you can comprehend [N.O]; longing for those three words ...

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8. Love At First Sight

Do you believe in love at First sight? Or should I walk by you again? I'm not that hard to notice, so stop trying to pretend; I'll FedEx you my love, I hope you sign for my heart, Let's make this blan...

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9. Queen Bee

Break it down, Crank it up, Let's run and just don't stop; Spin to the kick drum; Drop it down, your not done; Twinkle, twinkle, little star; I found out where you are. She's buzzing like a bumble bee...

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10. Rocketships And Radios

Don't stop, Won't stop; Gon' get it girl. Everyone in this galaxy; Just wants to see you twirl. One step, two step, now walk it out. Don't be shy baby, And show em' what your all about. No six seven e...

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11. Starry Skies, Starry Eyes

Your my sunshine;; First thing I see when I wake. Your my moonlight;; Rest assured the last thought I take. Your bigger than the universe, And brighter than the sun. More than the stars, But your my o...

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12. Understand

I understand that you don't understand;; Everything I touch seems to get out of hand. If you want space I guess I'll fly to the moon, Then fall back to California 25 after noon. I'm kind of amused, th...

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13. Xoxo

I'll put a message in a bottle and I'll throw it across the sea; Your the lock and included is the key; Along with a dozen x's and o's; Lord knows that you can't get enough of those; Your superkalafra...

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