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1. Back In The Day

Up and under, at the man made thunder; Thrills got slender from one thousand times tried, ; Got on the road for a two week bender through three states; And nine states of mind; On a big weekend needed...

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2. Late Night Hunter

Late night, close to daylight, I m a vampire tonight I´ve got; To get somewhere and stay there; Taxi friend where are you from; Take me to the bright end of the street and put your foot on, He told me...

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3. Vic Winter Blues

Sometimes I found it hard to think of anything does anyone; But if that pretty foreign girl smiles at me one more time; I´ll be having some fun; In come the rain clouds now and there goes the sun; And...

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4. Yellow Hotel

Head in the clouds, I left my rain and looked towards the sun; Walked straight into a prison painted gold yellow hotels; And too much sunshine burning my skin; And the folks who drink in that town; Do...

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