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1. Ailsa Craig

Ailsa, I'm waiting down by the mill pond; Though the rushes, they call me on; With words that you said; Tying me down to the riverbed; And I see a tattoo of a house on the inside of her wrist; A beaco...

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2. April

I go to see April; On the bank of the Regent's Canal; She always lives at the seas; Once in my mind, in my dreams; And she sees every day more like the cubes; She says we don't see the signs that we u...

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3. Cucurucu

Softly, in the evening dusk, a woman is singing to me; She takes me back down the vista of my years, until I see; I see a child underneath the piano; in the boom of the tingling strings; Pressing the ...

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4. Fever To The Form

So Whether music or madness; Live by one of the two; By one of the two; Go on, fill your heart up with gladness; Not a moment too soon; Not a moment too soon; Should we ration the reasons; To the char...

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5. I Don't Want To Go Home

I was happy today and I was running into my own; And she saw the very light in me; She told me I could be a maker; But I'll probably make her fall onto me; If you know me, this morning; Been sleeping ...

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6. Meet Me There

After all the people picking people picking people apart; my love; And after all the dealing, the hooking and reeling along; from the start; Oh there's a field, meet me there; Out beyond rightness and...

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7. Myela

It's in my mind again; Troubled by the images I've seen; Eighteen months ago; They left their homes in the rubble of Mayadeen; God only knows the pain you feel; to leave your country; looking for a ho...

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8. Nitrous

And if you see; Old nitrous man; Selling laughter from a can; Gotta tell'em that the dream still fits the plan; And that's why we're waiting at the table; Yeah, he's welcome at the stand; And I won't ...

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9. Remembering

Baboon help my family; And hold us in your harmony; Oh hear me with this melody; I'm calling for your help you see; In keeping us alive; Growing with the plants at night; Helping us survive; Knowing w...

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10. The Trellis

Strange is the pencil with which I draw for you; In bigger favor, yes, I wanted you to; A rose in the trellis, how I grew for you; Rose in the trellis, yes, I wanted to; So come on, put it in song, te...

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11. Venus

Down to the river yesterday; To see just what she? d say; Said you best believe; The bed of a creed was always on its way; Find the nine commandments stone; Follow me to the sea; You best believe that...

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12. Vetiver


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13. We Are Never Apart

Oh Myela, my love, can you hear? Can you still hear; The sirens moan; Calling you home again; Black out call; Calling you back again? Oh myela, my love, they say the pipeline is coming; Black bears at...

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