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1. Beautiful Life

These days, well they're lookin' up; We got, so much to say; We got, someone to love; We got, good friends; They're so good to us; And haters can hate; And fakers can front; And so we try to live; Lik...

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2. Forget2forgetu

Woke up on sunday morning; Started to cross off my list; Changed all the locks on the doors; And packed up the rest of your shit; I got rid of all of your pictures; Dumped all your wine down the sink;...

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3. Get You Home

Oh, oh, oh, oh; What's your name? California's got me riding your wave; Got me riding, riding your wave, yeah; Rendezvous; body language; Got me talking to you; Girl, I'm talking, talking to you, yeah...

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4. Howl At The Moon

We choose to live in the moment; It's not easy, ya know it; But tonight, we're gonna own it; Because we're born to be alive; So we drink and we dance; We love while we can; And let the haters know; Th...

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5. Hurricane

When you hit me more than once; But I never raised a hand; You know it takes a lot of strength; To learn to be a better man; As if the power had gone out; We are now standing in debris; And I caught i...

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6. If I Didn't Know You

When I was grown up; I never needed anyone; I thought I could make my way; I thought I could fake it; I didn't care if I was wrong; And now I've come to believe that; When I couldn't even conceive it;...

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7. Love Is Blind

I've never lived this simple life; I just got one confession; With you, I stop to question; Every single thing I thought was right; I may never learn the lesson; But you are my only heaven; You and me...

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8. Nobody

It's been awhile; Since I been comfortable, vulnerable; Since I had something with someone again; Laying in my arms again; I check my phone, 2 am; Where are you? why do I need to know? Damn girl, it's...

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