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1. Away

It's harder when you fall; You feel no luck at all; And have the whole world sink around you; And the mood of every breath; Comes through emotionless; And life goes on with or without you; And I've se...

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2. Feels Like Something New

I’m talking to a wall inside my head; I’ve lost my sense of rationale, i think i’m temporarily mislead; I cannot forsake you and i cannot forgive you; And everything feels right and wrong tonight; I w...

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3. Judy

It wasn’t long ago, I heard her voice on therapy radio; Talking ‘bout her insecurities and saying them on air; And do you feel all right, did you have another sleepless night; If you need someone to t...

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4. Just One Kiss

I build a ladder to reach in your arms; And I’ll be the air you breathe to your heart; And you turn the winter into summer with your touch; And I didn’t notice that your touch could do so much; With j...

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5. Like The Dreamers Do

When I’m all alone, so far from home, in the wake of a new day; Last night’s a place we used to be; As the road unwinds, you're far behind, I can still see you there; Can’t seem to keep you from my mi...

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6. Oh Carol

And Carol’s got a new plan; She’s savin’ all her money and givin’ away her guardian angel; She pays no mind to what her daddy would say, as she drives away; And Carol’s walkin’ in someone elses shoes,...

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7. Seven Years

Driving in the rain it’s 9am on Saturday; I feel the weather in my head; Stuck with the notion that the world is but a never ending place; That takes you into nowhere; And all we want is here; There’s...

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8. The Last Goodbye

You say the last goodbye; Now you leave and I stay behind; We cry for you now and you decide to die; Now you leave and I stay behind; And you decide to die; We might meet again in a different life; We...

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9. Turn Around

I never talk about it when she’s in the room; It’s not a fair discussion ‘cause you know, all the angels got the best seats in the house; And ooh, it doesn’t matter now; She tried to be something that...

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10. We Get Close

I wonder if it’s okay that you’re here; I wonder if you think I’m acting weird; Should I even ponder why; We could keep on waiting for the best; And maybe pass this driving test; Should we even have t...

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11. You're A Miracle

Come in here, step inside, let me gaze into those eyes; They work me down, to the bone, I could lose my self control; And stay with me, for a while, I know this place just ain’t your style; And life i...

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