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1. Black Heart Sensation

Touch the Void, Can you hear me screaming; I am there, but you just cannot see me; Touch the Void, can you hear me screaming; Thats better, through the mist you now; can see me. ; Lost behind the line...

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2. Evolution Grain

Evolution Grain; Now all life's the same; Our lives are now tragic; Since the loss of Magic; Evolving into one; The time has come; The loss of purity; Bringing the world to scrutiny; Against the grain...

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3. Heaven In Blood

Purple angelic skies; Moon of Silver, Face of Truth; Darkness Eternally descended; When the Eye of goodness; Sat Sentinel on Clouds of Thunder; Pillars so White, Angels so naive; You're beautiful Gate...

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4. Penetrate, Desecrate, Annihilate

In the eye of the Serpent; Forever, will you be his servant; My element of Desire; An ornament of Fire; Pushing the Trinity; Into hell for Eternity; Bring back the Dark age; Start a new page; And surr...

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5. Revelation Of Damnation

Steal the presence; By your gleaming essence; Cold strike to your heart; You were dead from the start; So special I crown you king; In a grave where scorpions sting; Precious stone you fade into sand;...

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