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1. Dj Fav

I can't stop; I'm hypnotized; All eyes are fixed on you; Feel it throbbing; Through the speakers; Turn it up, up, up, up! I can't stop climbing up your chart; My heart beats double time for you; Feel ...

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2. Here For You

Good friends are hard to find; I'm lucky to have someone; We share the best of times; Laughter where ever we go; And even through the tears; I've never felt alone; No-oh-oh; If you're ever feeling dow...

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3. Slay (Feat. Coco Jones)

Impressing you; MM; Don't be surprised that's what I do I slay; And I mean to boo from the curls in my hair to the tips of my shoes; Too fly for this; Ain't nobody trying to trip; Got too many goals t...

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4. Star In Your Own Life

Getting ready in the mirror; Today will be epic; Gotta live the way you wanna; So you don't regret it; Life is a book and you write it; Your happiness is on you; No matter what just keep at it; And pu...

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