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1. Agip Boys

If you are a lonely, thirsty boy; Looking for a band of freaks to join; There's a drinkers convention, convening every night; Attracting attention underneath the yellow light; If your bar gets closed ...

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2. Drinkin' In Barcelona

On the road with the band, packed together in a van; And the sun is riding high on the clear blue spanish sky; We start the tour with two days off, to recover � the ride was rough; We've come all the ...

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3. Fine Young Man

He belongs to upper class, no one knows about his past; His bath is champagne, but his life is insane; He often gets out after dark, prefers a walk in the park; He'll only come to rest when your blood...

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4. Give It Up

I was sitting there the other day watching programmes on tv; 25 channels of shit to choose from, well you get what you need; a punk-special coming up next says the voice on the tv-spot; featuring a ge...

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5. Go To Bayah

Fani, go to Bayah to meet all the stars; She wants to go there, hopes life will be fair; And if you go there; Make sure you're prepared to meet millionaire; With your bikini you look like a genie. So ...

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6. How Does It Feel?

How does it feel to be alone, all alone? When there is no place to go and there is no one to talk to; Oh it's real, how does it feel; Stop begging me baby to help you out this misery; It's not my func...

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7. I'm On Tv

Every day when I come home, I unplug the telephone. To watch TV on my own, all alone. ; I'd give everything I own; to appear on a TV show. And I'm not the only one, oh no. ; This must be paradise, mus...

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8. Johnny Unemployed

See that guy over there sitting in the shade, doing nothing just like everyday? No hope, no future, Johnny unemployed; No, no, he's certainly not the kind to shirk, he's really looking hard for work; ...

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9. Kaya

Kaya, you make me smile, you let the sun shine for a little while; I don't wanna lose this feeling; Kaya, you make me smile, you make me feel like a little child; I wanna settle down in the shade, loo...

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10. New Skies

Get me a gun and I jump on a train, I fear no god, I fear no pain; Everybody got to go one day; Call me a leper, call me a gringo, give me tequila my friend domingo; Haunted by my own echo I search ne...

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11. One Night Stand

I wake up it's two p.m. - next to me a girl I've never seen; It must have been the red wine, must have been the dope; Must have been the mood I was in last night; This was just another one night stand...

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12. She's Gone

Her and I, we've been together for a hundred years or more; Now there's a change in the weather � she doesn't love me anymore and that's for sure; Well, I used to be so blind but now I see; You're rig...

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13. Tease Me

I wake up and I feel like shit this morning; I spill my coffee and I take it as a warning; These are the days that make you wanna cry; And though I'm not a supersticious guy; I'm pretty sure that the ...

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