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1. All Alone

Staring at the sky; Trying to find the moon that's hiding; A tear breaks the silence in my mind; Wandering for some time; Dancing with the clouds - I'm flying; Flying with the ravens in the night... ;...

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2. I

Memories remain, all my fears constrain, With my thoughts I crave the silence of the night. When the morning comes, the moment of my last; I rise and slowly fade into the light; ; I am just a shadow t...

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3. Nowhere

The morning reigns through the lines in my fate - I see; The struggle within paints my face with a grin of steel; Give me a sign, let me follow a line - I'm lost; This path is not mine, and it seems t...

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4. To The Light

Don't say goodbye, don't close your eyes; Drift away. You live in a day dream, a wonder world, Come rise and take my hand. ; Your truth is here, don't wait for the night; Your fears wait in here. Open...

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5. Unbeliever

In the darkness, where the lightning strikes again, Lies the madness, lies the fear, lies the chain. There's a fever, and the fever fills the air, Unbeliever - you are trapped here and can't bare. ; O...

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