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1. 21st Century Hype Girl

You think yourself so smart, Being what you are; Nem vem, Meu bem; Of fashion you want to be, But you’re hard to see, Nem vem; Meu bem; Você me cansa, pensa que é legal; Essa maquiagem; Parece mais um...

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2. Colorful Brick Road

In this ray of mixed colors, I see things I've never seen before. When I feel this weird sensation; It excites my imagination. ; Saturated colors, they don't fright me; All I need is more and more and...

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3. Every Morning Song

When I wake in the morning, I take a look at the mirror; I don't like what I see; I know this guy isn't me; Eyes on fire; Black spikes around my neck; Swealing nose; Things popping outta my head; So I...

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4. Hot Love

Hot Love; Hot are your kisses, When you shake your body; Heavy is my breath, When I smell your hair; Strong are your legs; When I’m between them; Soft are your lips; When you’re on your knees; Come ri...

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5. Would You Believe It?

There’s a time, when you need to forget; There’s a time, when you don’t want to see; Sometimes, being mindless is just a gift; Touch me and then do it again; You complain about everything; Can’t you s...

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