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1. Breeze

This ain't no movie, no fictional fairytale; It is life it is real; You just can't fake this, you've got to chase it; And fight for it every step of the way; You're breeze, cools me; When I'm seconds ...

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2. Bridging

You shouldn't judge a man by his confidence; Cause a change is closer than is evident; It is when you are bleeding, desperately needing; He'll leave you to die; You shouldn't judge a girl by the smile...

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3. Friends (someday)

Isn't it a strange thing, picture on the wall sometimes people fall; And all of your intentions go straight out the door; You just want to make it back to the shore; Nothing seems to hurt you anymore;...

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4. Heart Of The Great Unknown

Some blame bad luck, some talk but never do; Some hold back honesty for the greater good; I remain to tell it like it is, like a poet in motion; I can't stop, once I begin.. Some think it through, som...

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5. One Day At A Time

People can move mountains, with just a little trust; People can destroy whole worlds, with too much ignorance; People make wrong decisions that write another's fate; People can be their worst enemy, I...

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6. Refined

Play to your strengths that's what they told me; Don't be scared to fall in a heap; I'll stay back after the show; Keep it quiet your friends they won't know; So refined, I wouldn't take it personal; ...

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7. See For Yourself

Stuck in traffic the lights gone green, but that don't bother me; I'm self-destructing, but I've been told, not to make a scene; I believe, if I had a split personality; I'd cut me a little slack and ...

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8. Single Life

If you could keep your distance I'll be fine; Let me free your presence from my mind; There's only one to move me from this chair; And walk with me through heartbreak again; I see you hold yourself a ...

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9. Sink Or Swim

We live for Saturday's gone bye; Those sexy skirts and those sweet smiles; I'm gonna tell you someting that I've found; High maintenance women only mess you around; She stood at the reception, yeah; C...

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10. Too Far Gone

It's too late to pay rent now; It's too late to make up; Too late to beg for kindness; Guess it's too far-gone; I'm too weak to contest it; It's too screwed to make sense; It's so hard to get somethin...

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11. What's Going On

You have broken a man who was strong; Straight to the core of his young heart; Then you squeezed till the pulpitations ceased; And life did leave your hands; You infected the minds of our young; Tore ...

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