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1. Above All

Brains us to think; In tiny trains of thoughts; Time and time again; Mind overwrought; Above all the people; Above all the creeps; Above all the steeples; Above all the freaks; Weigh in weigh out; Tim...

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2. Godsnake

Say god came down as a snake; How long do you think it would take; 'til someone cut off his head; And left him lying for dead; Took his skin for their boots; And cook his flesh for their soup; His spi...

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3. King of the Underdogs

Pick up the pieces that the puzzle made; From scraps of dreams out of focus and frayed; Make up the reasons for the words that were said; From scraps of dreams that trap the screams; Take my place lea...

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4. Skyscraper

In the darkness I can hear them; Writhing scratching dig and scrape; This is the mauling of the universe; What will it cost to escape; No war is good - No war is holy; In the starkness I won't fear th...

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5. Soldierhead

Bombs go off around me; Bullets chase my head; Demonscene hellscape; Try to not get dead; From the cradle I was in; Straight for the firing line; By the teeth of my skin; Dragon and the serpent versus...

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