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1. Anno Mirabilis

The year in which; Peace spoke to Power; And Peace prevailed; The year in which; The voice of Reason; Stayed the hand; Of War; The year in which; The Wealthy of the; Earth gave way –; And ownership; O...

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2. Arcades (Of Glass)

The iron was conscious, it; Knew what it was doing –; The arcing girders, They knew –; "We are strong" they thought, "We hold the sky – we; Hold it back". Clean lines, clean joins. "Our Art; Is Beauty...

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3. Auschwitz/babel

N lime-pits; The impediment of; Flesh is; Skimmed away –; All ambiguity; Removed – the; Residue – a core; Of speech made; Numenous by; Silence –; Enter history; As; Truth.

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4. Banknote

I nailed a banknote to a tree; But it did not nourish me; I placed a cheque upon the earth; I signed it, but; No crops came forth; I pressed a coin against my lips; I closed my eyes –; I felt no kiss;...

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5. Black Gold

My veins ran thick; With petrol; My rulers bled me; I fell as I was; Felled before –; When I was; Wood; And knew no; Evil; Pipes and wells; Ran like a wen, Steel mosquitos; Tore my; Skin; Black gold; ...

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6. Dark Matter

Yes, I can see the stars; And we can trace their; Courses. But the laws of; Matter; Point to different; Forces:; To Dark Matter:; To the; Unseen Mass –; That moves; The rest.

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7. Devils

So; Come to me; Away from worldly care; An end; At last to; Cruelty; And pain –; I understand your woes and; Hold; Your loneliness; In awe –; O flower; So fine, So pale, So sick, So close to; Death. ;...

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8. Dragon At The Core

Black at the centre; Fifty Million Suns; Its mass; Where matter masses; And; Infalls: its; Shock; Repels the; Outer gas, its appetite; Astonishes and; Appals.

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9. Dry Leaf

I live, like a dry leaf; In Winter; Sapless –; I refuse to fall; – I protest; Like a sigh; In a; Tempest, I; Cry:; "To hold; Is all"

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10. Fast Food

Fast food; A clattering; Babel of tongues; A table; Seating one; Eating alone. ; A field of life; And one strange spot; Untouched, a; Strange spot; Unsupported; Self-forgot; Intent on eating; Far apar...

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11. Heart Of Stone

The hearts of stone were here; Where waters wash; The ones who spoke and; Would not hear, the ones; Who built the walls;; These miles were theirs, These ranks of Air…; Now only blooms recall; The glor...

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12. Klein's Bottle

In these times; Each being, Without wanting, Is like; Klein's bottle: a; Trick of drawing; Whose outside is; Its inside; And its inside out, A bottle; Which contains; Itself:; To reach "out"; Is to be...

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13. Late Evening

In a late evening; Dark, but not so dark, Out to the river, we walked; A strange river, to us; In strange fields, in a valley –; As strangers we strolled to the; Water, as sleeping falks do, in; Stran...

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14. Moss

I fell in the moss; I grasped the grass; I bit the earth; I pressed myself against; The Earth. I held it tightly. Nothing stirred; I waited. ; The air moved, slightly, The grass moved; The leaves move...

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15. Odysseys

Odysseus listens; Bound between Death; And Death; To the; Soft emissions; Of his; Mortal; Breath.

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16. Victory

Shadows slip between; The houses; In the early; Afternoon; Silent shadows in the sunlight; Slight as rumour; Strong as the; Sun. ; In empty streets; And over; Ancient fields; Victory marches; On its s...

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17. Waited/Justice

I waited, at the gate; I waited, for a Word, I waited, to be judged; – or to be heard –; I only aged, Unloved – I found; Despair –; Who all my days; Stood at the gate and; Waited others; There.

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18. Who Will Accuse

This life is bare; & cold; & I am old; & tired of truth; Must we forever; Make our History; In this Cold; Country? Who will accuse us; If we choose; To dream -; To take a World; Already made -; To sit...

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