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1. A Reason To Exist

I watched you overcome your fear of air; And then you never looked back. You dreamed to conquer and declare all you saw your own, And I never changed your track. You first were cautious of abusing my ...

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2. Lady Injustice

It's another game. We play it to satisfy our time. On each scale they weigh it; Though they peek under the blindfold. Heads or tails, though the outcome doesn't matter. When I win, I lose. They find c...

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3. Reliance

I was born upon this vessel with no destination in mind. The captain helped me find my legs; he helped me find my rhyme. I fell countless times, but he always helped me realign. Until one day the wind...

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4. The Water Is Poison

Each word is a lover's whisper gliding through my fragile ear. Each word drowns my discontent and evaporates my fear. Woe, it is but a fleeting shadow as the clock strikes twelve. Hope, it can be foun...

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