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1. Angel Guy

He's my love, a dream come true; Finally found somebody new; He's all mine; And I think of him all the time; Don't know where he came from; But I know he's full of love just for me; He's an angel sent...

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2. Let Me Take Your Heart

Everytime I look in your eyes; I feel something strange; But everytime that I try to touch you; You run away from me; How can I be close to you; This is all I wanna do; You should never be afraid abou...

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3. Let You Dance

Tonight is the passion and music so loud; Where do you go? It seems like a ______ of your body and your soul; We're not so long; Tenderly it's like a melody; Stay with me tonight you run all alone; Ma...

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4. This Is The Night

This is the night; Changing my life; Don't wanna see your eyes; See your eyes no more; Let me free tonite; Oh yeah; You and the night, by my side, close your eyes; And you stop thinking about your new...

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