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1. A Thousand Lies

You gaze above with starry eyes; And write your name across the sky; What is going on inside your head? Do you trust the lies your veins have bled? We both have different frames of mind; The truth bec...

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2. Blood In The Ocean

I've felt alone and been afraid, my spirit unaware; Seeing through these eyes of madness, a loving soul's despair; Well I remember a time and a place where I was free; Where the truth and my spirit, w...

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3. Cold

I always knew this day would come; I look around am I the only one? Tell me I'm dreaming; Tell me it's only in my mind; A dimming light am I alone? The sun is setting and it's getting cold; I feel you...

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4. Falling

Falling, it's happening again; Every time I close my eyes; Seething, feeling all the pain; Breathing in the lies; "Don't leave me, you need me, you won't get by"; But there's a place I know that's hid...

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5. Forgotten Man

You hide behind the modern times; In a retro faerie tale; This little thrill means nothing still; And your ship's begun to sail; You wish you were real, even that I can feel; By looking in your eyes; ...

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6. Going Home

So here we are again, the place we were before; All these years have come and gone, is it worth it anymore? And I feel like giving up, on the edge of sanity; Nobody's watching, no one's listening to m...

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7. In The Wake

I am openly aware now; I've seen it all before; Tasting this bitter flavor; Always leaves you wanting more; Than I could ever give; I don't fit into the format; Of your never changing scene; I'm just ...

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8. Meant To Be

Here we are, holding on; We can still make it through; The plans we've made, will never change; `Cause I am still loving you; And though it seems that we've been trying far too long; I just can't let ...

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9. New Horizon

All my life I looked for a way; And somewhere to begin; I never trusted in emotions; I never let them in; Learning, discerning; But still behind the wall; Listening, but missing; What lies behind it a...

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