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1. Different

she had to slip into her dress; but not before the smoke can clear her head. while the worst she can confess; but the thoughts have left her mind. sometimes they never find their way. ; now she just t...

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2. Gremlin In The Machine

Seems that every wasted year; has passed beyond what keeps you here. Swollen are the dreams you hide; somewhere deep behind your eyes. And every word that you might hear; makes you run before you heal...

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3. Happy Now

Big deal, you'll just come home and wash your hands. I'd say you got room to move in now. Forget all the things you've might have known. Your time is right here moving through my hands. You'll live th...

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4. Nadine

Hear the sounds of footsteps coming; wait behind the door. Darkness in your eyes is calling; everything grows cold. The sun will shine through the window onto you. Walk is cold but; summer's coming. F...

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5. Someone Like You

Girl, I had got to thinking; you're my only tragedy. I"m haunted by your face. Girl, I won't leave you lonely; my hearat beats for you only; at night I call your name. All of my life; I've been search...

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6. Somewhere In Between

I barely awoke this morning. Distant colors fade behind the sky again. I could hardly listen; now your words have come to make me try. If I could stop to find the time. Everything you hide; has put yo...

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7. To Breathe

It's just amazing how I don't make mistakes; Seems everyday I'm waiting to see the look on your face; This days' been coming I wait for way too long; Will anyone here miss you when you're gone? Please...

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8. Tonight

The streets are on fire in the town that you were born; and all these busy nights took shape in an awkward form. How do you lay with him near? She says "when it comes I just disappear. And I feel so g...

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9. We Don't Bleed

Well all be happy now / so I will keep from speaking out / we may never be allowed / were just anticipating now / and well walk amongst the crowd as they fade into the sun. / They are all around us no...

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10. You Will Disappear

Apparently disposed; but when I just don't know; everything is different now. Appearing in your clothes; you saved from long ago; and wore for me to see; just what I had to leave. The words you can tr...

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