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1. Burn Out

How can i escape from this side; Whats the reason, i waste away my life; Until now i tried to find my way; Blind with rage of my difficulties; Die out; Decay; Sink into despair; Please come back; Conv...

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2. Live Is Life

Nanananana; Nanananana (all together now); Nanananana; Nanananana; Live (nanananana); Live is life (nanananana); Labadab dab dab live (nanananana); Liiiiiiiive (nanananana); When we all give the power...

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3. No Name

I try to wake up, I try to wake up from this night; This night without sleep; Coz I can't realize that you'll never be here; Where are you in another world; A world so faraway from us; I'll try to liv...

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