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1. A Little Braver

With December comes the glimmer on her face; And I get a bit nervous; I get a bit nervous now; In the twelve months on I won't make friends with change; When everyone's perfect; Can we start over agai...

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2. Across The Ocean

We could sail across the seven seas; Take you far away from the mysteries that reminds you; Of the loneliness in you heart; We could search for islands far and near; Join in creation look to hear; All...

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3. Encapsulated Nightlife

bring back the lessons of the world and care about what you don't know; the after party and a car, a cigarette that can't be lit; we are encapsulated; always thinking you're outdated; can we drive rig...

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4. Ghosts

This conversation is moving faster than I thought it would; An indication, something I thought I'd lost long ago; It's just like learning to swim; I've fallen in the deeper end, again; So would you ch...

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5. One Heart Million Voices

It may be over for now; But I am sure I'll see you again; One day my friend; When lights fade away; The memory remains; Time may take us take us far away; Surely time time can bring us back together; ...

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6. Our Last Chance

time moves ever so slowly not long after a break; never understand each other, but always works out great; time goes on and on and on and on; time goes on and on and on and on; reflection upon my memo...

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7. Sooner Or Later

boring your so boring; lying on the bed, clothes left on the floor; [the way you look at me]; you want more; reminders on the wall, of how it was last fall; [what you said to me]; thats all gone; (go)...

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8. Three Times Daily

Remember what it's like to focus; on all the things around us; bring in more; bring it for; sing out every word you know; discard the whispers in the moment; unless you can show it; unless that you kn...

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9. Wake Up Screaming

open up your hands i'll give you all my hear; just follow guidelines to be my friend; if you go and waste tomorrow, i don't mind; and almost everyday i'll wait forever; and i'll finally wake, wake up ...

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10. Walk In The Park

Put the fire out; and pour some wine; Maybe we can take a walk in the park; what if I can't breathe; and start to drown; inside your eyes; It feels like a wave; a tidal wave of things I've never felt;...

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