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1. Eye Of The Killer

Caught in the eye, in the eye of the killer; Just one step and you meet your maker; Now your terror has begun; Time is wasting... run! Can't stop the hunger, it's raging inside; I smell the blood of y...

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2. Fatal Remedy

My addiction's taking over; My pride has pulled the trigger; I need you more than ever; You are the drug that I crave; You know you fuel the fire; Of my internal pyre; Now witness my desire; Pulling m...

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3. Incinerate

I feel so alone with you by my side; but I've never felt so alive; We've written the end so many times, but still we die; I can't fight, I'm losing this battle again; I'm losing everything; I can't hi...

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4. My Darkest Divide

I'm at the bottom of the bottle again; Screaming for silence inside my head; It's hard to see cause my eyes are bloodshot red; From all the poison that I've been fed; You're dead inside; Your sense ha...

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5. Pulse

Go! My bodies buried with these words; Dig me up, dig me up; I pray my voice could just be heard; But it's not loud enough; This dirt they're feeding; My ears are bleeding; And I can't break the stone...

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6. Soul You'll Never Save

It's getting closer; The hand of fate's upon my back; It pushes harder; Until I'm falling off of track; Resurrecting the pain that I've had in the past; Resonating the voices that always last; Suffoca...

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7. Suffocate

Something waits within the shadows deep inside; Crawling slowly from the cracks within my mind; My nightmares paint a portrait of lies; And I'm buried alive; The light will swallow you alive; Suffocat...

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8. This Life

So you think you see the; Picture? Painted with the master's; Brush; But the colors; Fade to darkness; Just before; The final; Touch; Cause I tried to keep you from seeing; The deepest part of my soul...

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9. Twisted and Wicked

Just when we thought we had control; It slipped right through our hands; We let our darker side unfold; How much can we stand? We the black-hearted don't cooperate; I can the end and we have yet to de...

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10. Unjustified

We hear the things that they say; But they can't change our ways; We're in control of our fate; And that's the way it stays; It's run through our veins (to invite the pain); So we will remain (unrestr...

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11. Widowmaker

I run so far away; Away from everything; When I'm in the light; My shadow tells me no lies; On top of all my pain; The mirror shows my shame; I can see the scars are deep inside; I can't believe that ...

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12. Winds Of Change

Well, with the broken mind yearning for repair; Hands are tied from new-found strife; But you can't see in there; I don't want to walk away; But I don't think I can stay; I don't want to turn the page...

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