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1. Ancient Land

Freedom from life, life in the pain; Eternal lies, lost in the haze; The sun lays down on me; And the moon brings down, a new prophecy; My eyes reveal to me; What can be heard, what can be seen; Raise...

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2. Betrayed

Bullets crossing the air; Like a prelude of days in the future; Dived thoughts on regret; Guts still fresh for the vultures; Waking up in hell; A vision stranger than fiction; Day after day in sufferi...

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3. Fate To Face

Look at your face in the mirror my friend; See what i can see; A strange man front you that just; Looks in your eyes; Scaring what you believe; Sights of power invade your mind; Where nobody can see; ...

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4. Fire & Water

In a distant kingdom at a hidden place; Out of the justice’s frontiers; Precious treasures are kept for the creature; Inside the great castle of fire; Bodies once had venturous spirits; Rest in eterna...

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5. Lady Die

She came to me that night; She wore a black and golden dress; I remember like today; That was the most beauty view of death; She was funny, hot and sweet; Like the lady of my dreams; I changed everyth...

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6. Megalomania

Wish, strenght, will power; I just wanna be the best; I jsut wanna be the greatest of the world; Blood seethes in my veins; There's a voice inside my head; Saying constantly "There is no way to fail";...

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7. Purple Sky

Sunrise will light the ways of mind; Don’t look to the past; Just seek a better day; Fight to arrive a place at sun; Time will take wisdom to your side; Don’t loose to yourself; Be faithfull ‘till the...

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8. Run And Hide

I am back, to take what is mine; Give me back, what i left behind; Here i am, by you side; What are you gonna do, I'm looking into your eyes; From the ashes i rise; Give you no more time; Run and Hide...

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9. Symphony

He moves through the night away; No one can see his face through the rain; Scars mark his face and soul; Token war by spirit and blood; Flesh wants to win; Spirit survives at all; Blood under skin; Se...

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10. The Devil

(Devil); Hello my friend, nice to see you! You don't know me but don't care. I know you; That spent your life; Accumulating my gold; And now i came here to take; What i bought; End of line, too late t...

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11. To Loose The Sun

Couldn?t see it your face; There was a cold in your gaze; Was like a maze of words; Doctors couldn?t ease your pain; I remember your smile; Why? I remember your first birthday; I remember your first g...

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12. When The Night Comes

All alone, laid in bed on your dark room; Closed door, light is off, mind is open; Eyes reflecting the light of; The full moon; Ancient ghosts start to wake up in their tombs; They want to come out; I...

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