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1. Everbleeding

You try to think of dreams you've never made; And use to be blind; Despising who has just; Failed before you; Unthinkable pain; Something we have to face; We'll never rise; Bleeding forever; Never to ...

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2. Failed

For many years searching for a senseless truth; Buried deep inside our shredded life; For many years walking without sense of time; But at the same time you've been controlled; Now you're fighting aga...

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3. Illusive Conception

Everyday in every place; It seems to be the end of all; Playing the game of the dying; I used to be nothing; Where life means nothing; Where is the world that we have dreamed; Now that we're thrown to...

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4. Into The Neverwhere

I am the one who worship the pain; A living disease you can't forget; The reason for you've always been; Here where misery remains; Towards the end; Their promises were only lies; Towards dead end; Th...

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5. Of Suicidal Dreams

I'm trapped inside this web of lies; As chained beneath a void of nothingness; Deceit and pain is what we inherit now; Like dead inside us in a suicidal dream; My life's in a cage; Forever in despair;...

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