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1. Anger Management

Control your rage, Don't hold on to your blaze; Try to keep your head; Please try not to fade; You want to break free, Everybody can see; So what are you appaled by? Please try not to hit me; Feeling ...

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2. Have You Heard?

Have you heard what she said? She called you by the name; When she tried to explain; And stick things in your head? When are you going to stand? Defend the things that you want; She must sit and shut;...

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3. Isolation

Close your heart; And close your mind; Create the courage; Or try to find; The time to change in closer; You are alone in this world; The isolation is getting closer; You couldn't be worst; You have n...

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4. Mr. Darkness

Hey mr. darkness; Why do you hide behind lies? Are you afraid they see trough you? Or you just don't want to die? I had it with your lies; They can't take it anymore; The symbol of fear; Is the oppres...

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