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1. About Us

It seems like everythin’ is happened again; It’s the same old story; People keep on getting in my way; I’m tryin’ to do this for me; Cause I had a chance in everything; Puttin’ all this on me; It’s br...

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2. Blame Me

Sitting here telling myself that she was wrong; Didn't understand she said it was what it was; Should have had it figured out but I played along; My love for you wasn't the only one; Everything is cha...

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3. Everything

What am I thinking, if i'm not thinking about you? Nothing. What am i feeling, if my heart doesn't feel the truth? Nothing. ; This is a love, that I've never known; And it's got a strangle hold on me;...

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4. Hate It

Tell me who's the one to blame for what I'm feeling; Tell me what am I supposed to do; Tell me when, when I'll be free from your love spell; Tell me why, tell me why it hurts so good; It's hard to con...

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5. Hello Goodbye

You try to tell me it mattered, but you've proven otherwise; Your promises have shattered, and even turned to lies; And when I feel the hurting, I sent an sos; It's like you never heard it, we just ca...

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6. Lovesick

Verse:; We can’t go on like this, Girl you’re killing me. It’s going on a week; Without your love. I know we made mistakes, We played the game. It would be such a shame; For us to part. ; Let’s take i...

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7. Rewind

Everything that you say; lies, lies, lies; I just don't understand; why, why, why; You couldn't talk about it; You couldn't even make a sound; Everything that you are; lies, lies, lies; And who do you...

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8. Take over

You dont have to tell me twice; ? Cause that girl's my vice; She walks on by; She's one of a kind; She turns around, we meet eye to eye; She can't deny; Already knew she could bee mine; She knows what...

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9. The Chase

Packed up my things; Midnight I'm leaving; Chasing my dreams; Will you follow? Ridding the highway; One stop to broadway; Little too late to look back; You know that I might gone forever; Is forever t...

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