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1. Diabolical Blood Rituals

Deep in the forest of the lost souls; Where reigns the eternal obscurity; The fortress of abomination rises to the sky; A passage between this world and hell; Since the begining of times, inhuman cere...

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2. God Of Suffering

The sky is red, red like the blood of martyrs; Bleed for your god, suffering is your destiny; Reborn in the flames of evil, dark structure in the sky; The supreme pentacle, serve your new lord (Satan)...

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3. Insectodemonium

Coming out from the floor; They crawl on the ground; In our bed when we sleep; Searching for a nest; Spreading the pestilence; Insects from another world; From evil dimension; Wake up with an headache...

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4. The Awakening

Raping the entry of a necropolis; Into the catacombs, a dead civilization; Human presence awakes the master of the tombs; Breaking the spell who makes him sleep since centuries; Now finding his reinca...

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