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1. 3 Years

All this time I was by her side; I always this close far away; We would ask the questions; that lead to no reply; With 3 minutes more, what would I say? Go; I know; Come home; Don't waste the last 3 y...

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2. 99 Luftballons

Hast du etwas Zeit für mich; Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich; Von 99 Luftballons; Auf ihrem weg zum Horizont; Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich; Dann singe ich ein Lied fur dich; Von 99 Luftballons;...

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3. Absent

There she goes; And she's right on track; She said for now I can't be here; But I'm coming back; And she knows; In the same old sky; That I'll be up within the clouds; Making sure she's fine; And I do...

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4. Anything

I won't wait on you any more; 'Cause I've been guided by a private semaphore; And while you think I live in greed; I always make sure you get everything you need; I won't feel free; Until there is rep...

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5. Digital On

Coming on and saying nothing; To anyone who can see; Take a ride while suspending; In a state a mind; All the pictures of denial attack; Never ending coming down on everyone; CHORUS:; I will do what I...

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6. Drift

Silver spirals around the sun; Constellations spinning; And dissolving one by one; The frequencies are out of reach; The phosphorescent halo; Of the universe at peace; I know that time will pass us by...

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7. Freeform

Freeform; Stop the clock; Jump in and unwind; Airborne; Ride the wave; And lose your sense of time; If you wait around here; You'll melt away; You've got to rise up or you'll fall; Freeform is the hid...

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8. It's Over Now

She comes up and over time; She'll see what I could be; A cold routine or something; It just won't stop touching me; And I wait here another time; Like a thousand times before; I'm dropping out and fa...

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9. Motor

Broken pieces on the ground; fading in and fading out; Masochistic happiness; I wonder why you won’t move on; and what you’ll do when I am gone; This hasn’t really made much sense; Since the very firs...

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10. Same Old Story

You've been thrown into youth; With nothing to hold onto; You're part of the 'in' crowd; You spend your time thinking out loud; I won't act that surprised; When you find you're out of style; 'Cause yo...

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11. Six Feet Under

Underneath the wallowing; Was a tiny hint of chemistry; I'd be a liar if I wouldn't admit; All of your hell gave me a higher lift; I begin to wonder through all of today; How you would be if the addic...

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12. Skyfall

I had a dream I fell behind a hidden wall; Began to see a world through new eyes; I can't wake up I don't really want to figure out; What it means to rush right through this life; Upside down on a cei...

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13. Step Up

Wake up from the voice in my head; I'm terrified from all the things that it said; Hang glide from the most vivid dream; The reality's not what I want it to be; I shut down when I need to stand up; Cr...

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14. Trip And Glide

Hold on tight as we trip and glide; Come along and enjoy the ride; Tonight we'll touch the sky; Stars won't shine and birds won't sing; I'm gonna give you a real good thing; Tonight we'll trip and gli...

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15. Wunder Gescheh'n

auch das schicksal; und die angst kommt über nacht; ich bin traurig gerade hab ich noch gelacht; und an sowas schönes gedacht; auch die sehnsucht; und das glück kommt über nacht; ich will lieben; auch...

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