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1. Always Wrong

I'm always wrong; You're always right; We're in our room; We start to fight; Now there's some light; I see the way; I don't care how; You must stay now; I'm in the mood; The light is soft; You want to...

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2. Angelina

She found a sucker for an easy ride; She got a taste for the easy life; But there ain't no answer; For a dancer in disguise; You amuse me darling; Oh Angelina; Oh oh oh -- have you seen her; Oh Angeli...

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3. Better Way

Set up the mission, unfurl the flag; It's time to lay roots down, take my head out of the bag; Make me a baby, take me a wife; With these things, maybe I'll be alright; There's a better way; I know th...

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4. Feelings Are Good

I feel I feel; I feel and I feel good, it's understood; I hurt I hurt; I hurt and I'm here alert, feeling the hurt; Feelings are good; I'm sad I'm sad; I'm sad and I want my dad, I want my dad; I'm as...

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5. Good News

You tried to bring me down; The other day; But I could see inside your head; It's sad to see you carry on; This way; It won't be long before you're dead; Why do you fight it; Why do you care; Why do y...

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6. Janie Jones

She's in love with the Rock n' Roll World; She's in love with the Getting Stoned World; She's in love with the Janie Jones World; She don't like her boring job... no; And she knows what he has to do; ...

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7. Jerk

I don't mind, I don't really mind; Take your time, take your precious time; You're so blind, you're severly blind; But never you mind, 'cause I just came to grind; You're a bitch, I'm a jerk; I don't ...

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8. Nasty Ho

You saved my soul; You made me hard; And put me in your hole; Yeah You; Feel so good; Dick is like a stiff hard piece of wood; Oh, I thought this was free; Don't lay guilt on me; This is larceny; You ...

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9. Planet Earth

Only came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain; I heard you making patterns rhyme; Like some new romantic looking for the TV sound; You'll see I'm right some other time; Look now, look all aro...

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10. Revolution

Demon mating saturating; Times it's my time; Demonstrating aggravating fight; I wanna fight; I got a reason for a revolution; Don't believe in a solution; Sick and tired of evolution; I got a reason f...

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11. Story Of My Life

Boredom's tearing me apart; I entered a race that I can't start; They told me if I move that I'd go too far; But I think I'll stay in my shangri-la; That's the story of my life (yeah); Another day goe...

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12. Union

Tell me mirror, mirror on the wall; Who's the sickest Sex Pistol of them all? Is it Johnny Rotten? I don't know; I'd really like to ask him, but he drives me up the wall; Now take old Sidney Vicious, ...

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