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1. Anomaly

This is my last appeal to you; this is my final imploration; so I am begging you one more time; and again and again to accept my; opinion about the essence of life; please declare yourself; too many t...

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2. Macheta

Macheta, I realize how to explain all the damages; macheta, like a panther - not asking about the; conscience; macheta, like a predator - fuck the excuses; let's go outside, let's go hunting; for all ...

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3. Never Core

go upstairs to the hell; nevermore into the core; don't be afraid; the pressure is forgotten; p.e. hates us; god hates us; creating limits; to man?s expansion; so people start to hate each other; the ...

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4. Vanishing Celestial Bodies

Listen to mass hysteria, you will see; paradise will be given to you, you will see; spend your time on nothing, you will be; intend to be the eternity, you will be; compulsion, conform, conjugate; con...

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